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Why Support Down with Guns Up for Instruments?

The Down with Guns, Up with Instruments program is an initiative that was founded by Charlie Hosch Jr., (2014 Chicago Music Awards Honoree), in order to empower and engage youth in learning musical instruments and technology as an alternative to violence. 

Mr. Hosch, Director of the program, is joined with Phalanx Family Services, a staple in the community since 2002, to help make his new program a reality.  In addition to training the youth on musical instruments and teaching them technology, a youth employment component has been added that will prepare them for successful careers.   Every child deserves the opportunity to travel a difference path.  We are giving them the skills required to succeed, whether it be a musician or engineer.

Your contribution will assist in the implementation of the Down with Guns, Up with Instruments program which will make a positive and significant impact in our youth by encouraging them to learn valuable skills and make a difference in our community.

Considering investing in our youth and their communities by becoming a financial supporter of Down with Guns Up with Instruments..

If you have questions about Down with Guns Up with Instruments, the benefit concert or financial gifts, please contact Phalanx Family Services' Executive Director Tina Sanders at 773.291.1086, or email