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Building Strong Families
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Basic Nursing Assistant Training

An 8-week course that includes Career Development seminars/workshops incorporated in the program to prepare students for employment.


This program is dedicated to mentoring youth and obtaining gainful employment.                        

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing helps to provide the job skills necessary to obtain valuable work experience and ensure they reach their employment goals.


Ticket To Work

It is not just professionalism and expertise that set our staff apart. We also have a strong commitment to public service, the quality of our service, and to the clients we serve.  Our work is more than a job.  It is a career of mission-focused service.

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How Many People Are Eligible for the Ticket Program?

The Ticket to Work Program is an employment program that is available to most Social Security beneficiaries with disabilities who meet certain criteria. The Social Security Administration notifies those beneficiaries who are eligible to participate in the Ticket Program by issuing them a Ticket. Beneficiaries receiving a Ticket are referred to as Ticket-holders. More than 11 million Ticket-holders are eligible to participate in this nationwide Program and many are already working.

How Does the Program Work?

The Ticket Program is flexible and voluntary – Social Security Administration beneficiaries are not mandated to participate and in most cases, ENs can chose which services they want to provide, where, and to whom. Beneficiaries receiving Tickets can contact one or more ENs to discuss services and once an agreement between the beneficiary and EN is reached, the two work together to develop a work plan to assist the beneficiary in reaching his or her employment goal.

Every month a Ticket-holder is employed at a certain wage level, ENs receive revenue.

What is an EN?

Any agency or instrumentality of a state (or political subdivision), or a private entity that takes responsibility for the actual delivery of services or the coordination/referral of services is eligible to apply to be an Employment Network (EN).

Employment Networks can be a single entity, a partnership or alliance of entities (public and/or private), or a consortium of organizations collaborating to combine resources to serve Ticket-holders.

What is the Role of MAXIMUS?

The Ticket to Work legislation required the Social Security Administration to identify a contractor to assist in the administration of the Ticket To Work Program. MAXIMUS was awarded two contracts to serve as Operations Support Manager (OSM) and Ticket Program Data Operations Center Manager (TPDOCM). MAXIMUS role as OSM and TPDOCM includes:

  • Establishing and maintaining a Technical Assistance and Support Center to assist all prospective and current Employment Networks and State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies;
  • Administering and supporting the Ticket assignment process;
  • Administering and supporting the Employment Network payment process;
  • Ansuring the continuity and seamless operations of the Ticket Program for the Employment Networks and State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies.


TO QUALIFY:      SSDI or SSI Recipient



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