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Building Strong Families
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Basic Nursing Assistant Training

An 8-week course that includes Career Development seminars/workshops incorporated in the program to prepare students for employment.


This program is dedicated to mentoring youth and obtaining gainful employment.                        

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing helps to provide the job skills necessary to obtain valuable work experience and ensure they reach their employment goals.

SOAR | top           
SOAR Center

Re-Engagement SOAR Center (SOAR)  

Chicago Public Schools focusing on the re-engagement of chronically truant and out of school youth.  SOAR services those seeking support to re-enroll in school and provides comprehensive supportive services for youth and their families.  Additionally, SOAR offers preventive services within area high schools to thwart future truancy.

SOAR also facilitates a Mentoring and Advocacy Service in Bogan Computer Technical High School and Christian Fenger Academy High School.

Chicago Public School | top           

Paid Work Experience & Mentoring - (able to provide)

Mentoring - Julian High School and Fenger High School)


EPIC - (includes Bridge Services) | top     
Job training

Job Training & Economic Development Program (JTED)

Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS-SNAP)

Basic Nursing Assistant Training Program

Fork Lift Training

Truck Driving Training

Pharmacy Tech Training

Food Services & Sanitation Training

Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership  | top        
WIOA Youth WIOA Out-of-School Program (training and employment)

Phalanx's Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA) program works with young people ages 16-24 possessing one of seven barriers to employment and/or education.  Our WIOA program emphasizes employment and education centered programs for a caseload of 321 out-of-school youth and 25 in-school youth providing  case management, mentoring and supportive services.
Youth Futures Youth Futures Out of School (justice involved youth, education, training & employment)

Phalanx is contracted with the Cook Workforce Partnership who was funded by the Vera Institute of Justice to provide the Youth Futures Program.  This project highlights 7 core components centered around employment and education for juvenile justice system-involved and/or high risk youth ages 16-21.
Summer Jobs and Beyond Summer Jobs and Beyond (paid work experience, vocational skills training, employment)

The Summer Jobs & Beyond program is a continuation of summer employment, where young people, new to the workforce, or those with limited current or past work experience, are provided with work experience and career education opportunities that will lead to year-round employment or post-secondary education.  Phalanx currently work with 56 individuals (38 in-school and 13 out-of-school) ages 16-24.

Illinois Department of Human Services (Job Readiness, Training & Placement) top                                                               
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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program  (SNAP) 

SNAP is a short-term, subsidized employment training program designed to help you to become more employable through On-the-Job Work Experience, Vocational Training, and work and Life Readiness classes.  We also encouraged GED, ABE and/or Literacy Education as important keys to employability and success.  You will also be able to take advantage of our exclusive job development, placement, and retention services to, ultimately, help you find and keep employment.

work first program

Work First Program (Pay-after-Performance Program)

Work First is a Pay-After-Performance program where participants are engaged in 20-35 hours of work related activities to earn financial assistance while gaining valuable work experience.

Participants are provided employable skills, training, job placement assistance, retention and supportive services such as transportation and initial employment expenses.  Each participant is assigned to a case manager who will assist him/her in reaching employment goals.

Chicago Department of Family and Support Services  | top
Photo of Garth Russo

CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) - Industry Specific Training & Placement (BNA)

Career Development seminars/workshops are incorporated in the program to prepare students for employment.  Upon successful completion of this program, students take the Illinois Nurse Aide Competency Examination administered by Southern Illinois University of Carbondale. disease prevention.

job training

CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) - Employment Preparation & Placement

The Community Development Block Grant is a program which provides training, job placement and retention services to low and moderate income Chicagoans.

This program offers access to a variety of workforce services for under-served adults, including assistance with customized training, job search and job placement.   CDBG applicants must meet the following five requirements and provide the documentation for eligibility.

Mentoring and Advocacy 

Genesis Project - Mentoring & Advocacy for In-School Youth

Genesis Project provides intense one-on-one mentoring to 80 in-school youth ages 15-18; engagement in the youth's academic and personal life; youth participate in focus group sessions; assists in meeting young person's individual Service Plan(ISP); receives life skills coaching; personal supports; and track youth's digression or progression.  Our Genesis Project serves 90% of youth enrolled at Julian High School.  Other schools include; Fender, Lindblom; Robeson and Morgan Park high schools.

Project Innovation 

Project Innovation - (Innovative Technology Training)



R.I.S.E.- Restoring Individuals through Supportive Environments

R.I.S.E. is a 6-month intensive group counseling, mentorship, and skill-building program for justice-involved youth, focused on civic engagement and restorative justice.  Our mentor work with males ages 15-17 (in cohorts of 12) who have two or more previous arrests.  Participants engage in the Civic Leadership Foundation project-based curriculum designed to empower young people with a deeper sense of responsiblity for themselves and to community.

Opportunity Youth 

Opportunity Youth- (Youth disconnected from School and/or Work; assistance provided for school, housing, and food)



COTA - (Council of Thought and Action)- COTA is an innovation which helps to develop individuals and builds a new moral social network which amplifies the moral voice.  COTA has become a movement of motivated participants and mentors who belive that..."TheirThoughts become Actions, their Actions become Habits, Their Habits become Character and Their Character becomes their Destiny!  We think, talk and then achieve our goals."  The COTA program has three dedicated and passionate mentors who serve our 30 young people at Fenger High School.


After school matters 

After School Matters - (Arts, Music, Dance, Poetry, Youth Social Acitivites)- Afterschool Matters (ASM) "Behind the Scenes" gives youth, ages 13-18, a VOICE for positive change in their community.  Through developing an original CD, youth's original songs and beats are created through their ability to generate solid solutions from exploring real world problems and challenges.  PSA's/documentaries are derived from a deeper knowledge revealing how education and employment are connected to community health."  These acitivies are accomplished through groupthink, music and video performance, graphic design, and social advocacy.



Training Senior Citizens

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP)

The Senior Community Service Employment Program sponsored by the Illinois Department of Aging, is a training program designed to assist the mature worker (ages 55+) in entering or re-entering the job market. 

The SCSEP Program fosters and promotes part-time and temporary community service opportunities that contribute to the general welfare of the community.

Advocate Healthcare Workforce Collaborative - (includes Bridge Services)  | top
Photo of Garth Russo

Professional Services

Basic Nuring Assistant Training Program

Professional Services Training (Environmental Services, Food Service)


Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities | top     
Photo of Ron Elliott

Ticket To Work

Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program is an employment program for people with disabilities who are interested in going to work.  The ticket Program is part of the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999 – legislation designed to remove many of the barriers that previously influenced people’s decisions about going to work because of the concerns over losing health care coverage.  The goal of the Ticket Program is to increase opportunities and choices for Social Security disability beneficiaries to obtain employment, vocational rehabilitation (VR), and other support services from public and private providers, employers, and other organizations.




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